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Thin Boiling Starch

Thin Boiling Starch is used for textile sizing application. Thin boiling starch has low and uniform viscosity, which does not change much with temperature unlike native starches which show wide variation in viscosity. Thin boiling starches are manufactured by acid addition to native starch slurry. Low viscosity enables its use in high concentrations without the viscosity getting too high. Its application in yarn weaving.

Technical Specifications

Parameters Result
Appearance White free Flowing powder
pH of 10% Slurry 5.0 to 7.0
Moisture Content 13.0% max
Ash Content 1% max
Acid Insoluble ash 0.2% Max
Viscosity of 5% solution in Brook field viscometer at 50°c 100 cps max
Sieve retention in 100 mesh 1.0 % max
Cold water solubility 4.0% max

Advantages of Thin Boiling Starch

  1. Sizing efficiency is increased.
  2. It gives low viscosity and tend to give better film properties. The yarn gets sufficient tenstile strength.
  3. Homogeneous along with other chemicals makes the fiber abrasion and droppings free.

Mode of Packing

50KG net. packed in printed PP woven bags. We are heady to work with customer specifications
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