Tapioca Native Starch - Food Grade

Tapioca Native Starch - Food Grade

SPAC Starch Products India Limited manufactures Starch Powder, from good quality of Tapioca tubers in most modern plant under good manufacturing practice to suit the requirements of Food & Pharma Industry. Native tapioca Starch food-grade of high purity & high quality from proven technology. The product is very consistent in quality.

Technical Specifications

Parameters Result
Appearance White colour free flowing powder
Cleanliness Negligible dirt, grit and foreign matter
pH of % Slurry 5.0 to 7.0
Moisture (% on w) 12.0 max
Acid Factor (ml) 3.0ml max
Viscosity of 2% solution in Redwood No.1 viscometer (a) 50° c 50sec min
Plub and Fiber 0.5ml min
Starch content (% on DB) 99.0 min
Sulphur dioxide 50ppm max
TPC 50000 cfu max
Coli forms 100 max
yeast and moulds 2000 cfu max
E Coli (25 grams) Absent
Salmonella (25 grams) Absent
Aflatoxin 30 ppb

Applications of Food Grade

  1. Edible Masala powder manufacturers
  2. Extruded Snacks
  3. Food industries and Sweet manufacturers
  4. Ice cream and Ice cream cone manufacturers
  5. Pharmaceutical industries

Mode of Packing

50kg net. packed in printed pp woven bags. we are ready to work with customer specifications
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