Oxidized Starch

Oxidized Starch

oxidized starches have the versatility to be pasted through any cooking system and will improve printability, pick, ring crush, fiber lay, fold, mullen and tensile. They are ideal for use as a coating base or in the coating itself. In a coating formulation, SPAC oxidized starches can provide improved ink holdout, gloss, reduced picking and controlled binder migration.The Oxidized Starch Spacoxy is derived from high quality maize / tapioca starch. It is widely used in the manufacturing of paper in paper industry.

Technical Specifications

Parameters Result
Appearance of powder White free Flowing powder
pH of 10% Slurry 6.0 - 8.0
Moisture Content 13.0% max
Ash Content 1.0% max
Brightness 90% minimum
Viscosity of 20% paste @ 50oc in 150 cps max
Brookfield viscometer
Starch content on Dry basis 98% minimum
Cold water Solubility 4.0% maximum

Applications of Oxidized Starch

  1. Paper surface sizing in size press for paper industry
  2. Coating in size press modified Starch Spacoxy is used as pigment Binder.
  3. Spacoxy - Oxidized starch is widely used as coating Binder.

Mode of Packing

50kg net, packed in printed pp woven gags. we are ready to work with customer specifications
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