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Maize (CORN) Germ

Germ is one of the ingredients of maize which is separated in Maize crushing process. Corn Germ is the endosperm of Maize grain; it is a yellow colored seed, pleasantly nutty in taste and rich in oil. It is mainly used for extraction of maize oil and manufacturing of feed supplement.

Maize Germ is used in oil mills to extract oil; Germ usually have 45% to 50% of oil content with low cholesterol level. After extraction of corn oil from the germ, the residue is used in as animal feed.

Technical Specifications

# Parameters UOM Limits
1 Appearance Visual Yellow Seed
2 Oil Min % 45.0
3 Free Fatty Acid Max % 3.0
4 Moisture Max % 6.0
5 Fibre Max % 6.0


  • It contains very low cholesterol & preferred as a very good cooking medium in most households.
  • High purity germ is suitable for oil extraction technology.
  • It is organic in nature.
  • It is free from rancidity.