Yellow Dextrins Spactrin

Yellow Dextrin Starch

Yellow dextrin has low viscosity and is very sticky and hygroscopic in nature. Used in the foundry as a binder for cores. Yellow dextrin helps in increasing dry strength at the same time being completely soluble in water. Its also used in water soluble glues, as a printing thickener and as a binders in paint. Yellow Dextrins are prepared by heat treatment in presence of chemicals to suitably modify characteristics and properties of starch. Finished dextrin are very fine powder varying in color from pure white to dark brown.

Technical Specifications

Parameters Result
Colour Yellow
Moisture 10.0% max
Ash 1.0 % max
Acid Insoluble ash 0.2 % max
pH of 10% slurry 2.5 to 3.5
Free Acidity (0.1 N NaoH/10 gms) 5.0 ml max
Cold water Solubility 95 % min
Viscosity of 5% solution in Brook field viscometer at 50°c 200 cps min


  1. Yellow dextrins are used as water-soluble glues in remoistable envelope adhesives and paper tubes.
  2. In the mining industry as additives in froth flotation, as printing thickener and as binders in paint.
  3. Cast Iron Industries

Mode of Packing

50kg net. packed in printed pp woven bags. we are ready to work with customer specifications
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