Corrugation Gum Powder - SPAC CORRU

Corrugation Gum Powder - Spac Corru

In this product Polymers within starch upon gelatinization absorb water and during cooling gets entangled with paper fibers and thereby bridges the two sheets of paper. Also lower consumption of glue, maintains viscosity and solid content, good bonding clue to low gelatinization. Corrugation Gum Powder are used in corrugated box manufacturing industry.

Technical Specifications

Parameters Result
Moisture 13.0% max
Ash 5.0% max
pH of 10% slurry 8-11
Viscosity in B 4 Cup (1:6) 15 -18 sec
Solids 10% min

Applications of Corrugation Gum Powder

  1. It is used in Carton board and Corrugation boxes manufacturing.

Mode of Packing

50kg net. packed in printed pp woven bags. we are ready to work with customer specifications
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