SPAC At a Glance

Spac, has served the Tapioca Starch industry for the past 20 years. Today, we are the leaders in Indian Tapioca Starch industry, with fully integrated facilities including a effluent treatment plant. Spac's Global capacity plant can turn out 30,000 tones of starch per year and is a very modern plant.

Products & Services

SPAC has a well established network all over India,covering all the states and cities for marketing and distribution. Our Starch is currently exported to South Africa, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Arab and European countries.

  • Maize Crop failure-Price Hike
    Due to monsoon failure in most part of India, the maize crop production has reduced drastically there increasing the Demand -Supply gap thus increasing the price of Raw Maize.
  • TNPL order Bagged
    SPAC has won the bid to supply Native starch to TNPL unit.